WordPress for Online Entrepreneurs: Planning, Hosting, Installing | StrongStart.fm – 006


In today’s episode we’re going to talk about the foundation of your online business: your website and blog. This is part of a free content series called the Definitive Guide to WordPress for Online Entrepreneurs. Your website and blog is the foundation of your minimum viable platform. It is your home base. As a freelancer, consultant, or online entrepreneur, your blog is both your factory and storefront.

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I assume you either already have a basic website/blog or that you have decided you need one. I also assume that you are building a business of some form where you website/blog is a key element of your content and marketing strategy. If those are true, then you need to do it right!

So let’s dig in to building a blog that converts visitors into customers!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Whether you should use WordPress or another platform as your home base
  • The different types of WordPress options (.org and .com) and how to decide
  • The three levels of WordPress design (foundation, professional, and elite)
  • The three factors that determine which type of WordPress hosting you should choose
  • How to install WordPress and get your site up and running

Action plan:

  1. Commit to building (or re-building) your blog to the foundation level in the next two weeks
  2. Download the free Blog Planner and Blueprint below
  3. Read my Definitive Guide to WordPress for Online Entrepreneurs
  4. Start considering where you are in the online business lifecycle as well as the amount of time, budget, and desire you have to learn more of the technical side of online business
  5. Start looking at the recommended hosting options and use the insight from this podcast and the guide to decide which one to select
  6. Using the resources linked to below, decide on a domain name and purchase it
  7. Using the installation resources provided by your host, get WordPress up and running on your domain and hosting

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Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

All of the resources mentioned in the podcast plus many more are available in this post: