WordPress for Online Entrepreneurs: Mandatory Plugins and Configuration | StrongStart.fm – 007

In today’s episode we’re going to continue our deep dive on the foundation of your online business: your website and blog.

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In the previous episode we talked about WordPress as the foundation of your online business, the different types of WordPress installations, how to choose the right WordPress hosting for your business, and how to get WordPress installed.

In this episode we’ll continue building what I call the Foundation level of your site which is a robust blog and content pages backed by good hosting infrastructure and a minimum set of what I consider mandatory plugins.

This is part of a free content series called the Definitive Guide to WordPress for Online Entrepreneurs.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to set up a safe, secure, and flexible WordPress foundation
  • What is a theme framework and should I use one?
  • How to choose the best theme for you
  • Should I use a page builder plugin? If so which one?
  • The critical WordPress settings you need to get right
  • How to choose plugins and the red flags to look for
  • Mandatory plugins and recommendations

Action plan:

  1. Download the free Blog Planner and Blueprint below
  2. Read my Definitive Guide to WordPress for Online Entrepreneurs
  3. If you haven’t already, get your hosting, domain name, and WordPress installation completed
  4. Set aside one hour to work through the Blog Planner up to selecting a Theme Framework
  5. Set aside another hour to choose the theme or child theme that best meets your needs
  6. Set aside one more hour to choose you page builder and mandatory plugins
  7. Read the links in the Planner about how to setup Google and Facebook tracking pixels
  8. Install all of the above using default settings

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Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

Definitive Guide to WordPress for Online Entrepreneurs
StrongStart.fm Resource Page


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