Weekend Reading for Online Entrepreneurs – July 14, 2017

In this weekly post I curate the best of the content I found and reviewed for online entrepreneurs.
Image of StrongStart.fm - Design, Automate, and Outsource the Technology of Your Online BusinessI just launched the StrongStart.fm podcast! I am delivering a weekly episode and focusing my content on helping you design, automate, and outsource the technology of your online business.

Current episodes focus on building a WordPress platform for your business, live streaming, home studios, and much more. Head over to https://strongstart.fm/podcast for details.

Develop Your Expertise

The articles in this category are about self-improvement and learning.

55 Amazing Instagram Ads Examples To Inspire You

If you want to reach Millennials, get more engagement per post than Twitter, or boost your brand awareness, you need to be on Instagram. But you can’t just take your existing social campaigns and export them—it’s a different platform than Facebook and Twitter, with its own learning curve. Color, clear imagery, and subtle language are Read more… 55 Amazing Instagram Ads Examples To Inspire You

These ad list posts are a great resource if you struggle on the creative side like I do. This post includes 55 ads to take a look at, many of them are video and show a number of different ways to get a message across in an Instagram ad.

How to Conduct Not-to-Miss Podcast Interviews

http://www.copyblogger.com/podcast-interviews/When I started Hack the Entrepreneur, I had never conducted a single interview before. But during the past two years, I’ve hosted more than 350 podcast interviews. I’ve also made a lot of mistakes, embarrassed myself a few times, and learned countless lessons. So now I have a number of insights to share with you Read More… How to Conduct Not-to-Miss Podcast Interviews

This was a timely article for me as I begin recording interviews for the online event I’m launching later this year. Jon Nastor from Hack the Entrepreneur covers tips for conducting podcast interviews. He covers simple, easy to implement techniques to make your interview more interesting and discover more about your guest.

Build Your Platform

The articles in this category cover your personal and business brand, your online presence.

The 8 Main Different Types of Content and How to Use Them

https://adespresso.com/academy/blog/main-different-types-content-use/When you hear “content marketing,” what do you think of? If you’re like most businesses, I work with, probably blogging that’s integrated social media marketing. While blogging is extremely effective (as AdEspresso can show!), there are a large… The 8 Main Different Types of Content and How to Use Them

This article talks about the 8 primary types of content you can produce such as blog, podcast, video, infographics, etc. It includes good examples of each and some guidance on how to mix up your content to appeal to different parts of your audience.

Find and Pitch the Perfect Guest Posting Opportunities

https://problogger.com/find-pitch-guest-posting-opportunities/Today ProBlogger Subject Matter Expert Ali Luke is guest posting about guest posting.So, you’ve realised that guest posting has loads of benefits for you and your blog, but you’re not quite sure how to go about it.Maybe you’re worried that you don’t have enough experience.Perhaps you haven’t even got an… Find and Pitch the Perfect Guest Posting Opportunities

Many people such as Neil Patel argue that guest posting is one of the most effective ways to build your audience if you are just starting. I haven’t taken this route yet though I probably will in the coming months.

This interview covers tips for how to find and pitch a guest post with a popular blog.

Grow Your Business

The articles in this category cover online business topics such structure, legal, accounting, and so on.

Facebook Ads: Creative Ways to Attract Prospects and Customers

http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/facebook-ads-creative-ways-to-attract-prospects-and-customers-zach-spuckler/Do you advertise on Facebook? Are your ads converting? To explore how to better use Facebook ads to reach leads and customers, I interview Zach Spuckler. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It’s designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover [… Facebook Ads: Creative Ways to Attract Prospects and Customers

This article includes a number of interesting tips for creating better Facebook ads. In addition, at the end there is a small framework for using Facebook Ads to generate leads for your business. Some of the tips in here I hadn’t seen before, pretty interesting.

7 Reasons Why No One is Watching Your Video Content

https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/why-no-one-watches-your-videosYou did it. You finally produced and posted your first series of marketing videos. You wrote the scripts, filmed them, edited them, and uploaded them to an online platform. All that’s left to do is sit back, relax, and watch the views roll in. Ha ha. Funny story, right?… 7 Reasons Why No One is Watching Your Video Content

Tough headline on this post, but true for many of us I’m sure. The tips in this article are high level ones that you really need to get right before you dive into any lower level or more detailed optimization.

This is one I’m going to add to my video content planning checklists that I’m working on.

That’s it for this week! Let me know in comments if you found any other interesting content this week!

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