Welcome to the StrongStart.fm Podcast!

I will help you quickly learn the critical elements in each area of online business technology so you can design, automate, and outsource them. This lets you focus on your core business and helping your customers.

Successful online businesses require dozens of different technologies and tools: WordPress Blog, Podcast, Video, Live Streaming, Email Marketing, Social Media and many more.

Once the basics are established, advanced scenarios like Marketing Automation, Webinars, Membership Sites, Live Chat, and other systems come into play.

Eventually you will need a team, either employees, freelance, or virtual and will need productivity and project management systems.

For 20 years I've been an elite technology consultant for some of the top technology and professional services firms. I’ve trained thousands of students in a wide variety of technology. I'm bringing that expertise to the online business world to simplify the technology and help you reach your goals.

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