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My mission is to help you build an expert business around your unique talents and abilities. A business you love to lead, that makes you wealthy, and creates a positive lasting impact on the world.

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As experts, we help our customers solve their major business or life challenges and together we help make the world a better place!

Ok so let's stop right there. That's a different mission statement than you've heard in the previous 32 episodes. What's up with that?

In this episode you'll learn:

  • Why I've changed my mission and direction to better serve my target audience
  • Whether its possible for many of us to be successful in online business
  • Why you don't know about all the successful people there are
  • Why most of the programs and guidance we all sink tons of money into make no sense
  • Why so many of us fail (and what to do about it)
  • My new mission and the one question that I think will change this industry

Action plan:

  1. Think deep about what your true expertise is (or what you want it to be)
  2. How can you change lives with that expertise?
  3. How would you feel if you got to do that every day AND made more money than you ever have doing it?

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Hey everybody, Dave Ziembicki here, welcome to StrongStart.FM. My mission is to help you build an expert business around your unique talents and abilities. A business you love to lead that makes you wealthy and creates positive, lasting impact on the world. As experts, we help our customers solve their major life or business challenges and together we make the world a better place.

Okay, let’s stop right there. That’s a different mission statement than you’ve heard in the previous 32 episodes. What’s up with that? For the past couple of months, I’ve been going deep on finding the right topics, audience and niche for my business moving forward. This was driven by the great experience I had attending the Youpreneur Summit that I discussed in episode 32.

As you may know from previous episodes, I’ve continued to have a very successful career in high technology consulting and it has made me a lot of money over the last 20 years. I’m laying the groundwork for the second act of my career by building an online business.

I’ve been down the road, a lot of us have, of exploring all kinds of different models like ebooks, courses, memberships and so on and taking all kinds of different courses related to blogging, podcasting, webinars and more. For a while I struggled trying to define the audience or tribe that I wanted to serve.

Everyone talks about either niching down or building a new niche and focusing on a really narrow topic area. Clearly there are millions of “Make money online” people. You know, with all kinds of topics and for a while, I was going in that direction just because of my own goals of eventually leaving the corporate world.

Over the course of two years spending all of my spare time on these topics, I finally landed on a combination of knowledge, topic and purpose that I feel really energized about and that will help people that I’ll enjoy working with.

Originally, my focus is being the “How to” guy in the online business space. Then I narrowed that up to be the “How to use technology” guy, which was going to bring my experience from the corporate world to this smaller, solo entrepreneur.

Those evolutions were getting me closer to my calling but what I found was I was not quite all the way there, it just didn’t feel exactly right yet. As I studied many successful online entrepreneurs, invested a lot of time and money in the different programs to see what kind of advice, guidance and assistance was out there, I discovered four really important things.

First, we’re all familiar with the big success stories like Chris Tucker, Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas and so on. As I’ve interviewed many of those folks and joined their various communities, I’m seeing that there are a lot of other successful folks just below the radar screen.

Successful but not widely known folks. What that showed me was that success online is not something that only a few rare unicorns achieve, it is achievable by a much larger and broader group of people.

Second, below the top people in the next tier of successful people, there are a huge amount of people with potential. They have some unique talent, knowledge or expertise which is plain desire that can fuel a successful online business, but they don’t know how to build a business around their expertise, or what I call an expert business.

They don’t know how to build products, build sales funnels, build their platforms, automate or scale an expert business. Third, after buying many of the major programs out there related to online business, I found that none of them really take you from the starting line to the finish line of a successfully operating business.

Some focus only on the narrow topic like how to start a blog or a podcast, you know, which are the easiest things to do but least likely to produce a solid business. Others cover more topics or provide some kind of system.

But their course is only with minimal true implementation guidance or assistance. Now, there’s several reasons for this. To offer that level of support would require covering and teaching a wide range of topics. It’s far more lucrative to provide guidance only and then only with part of the answer.

What I mean by that is that support and implementation help is more costly to provide. With courses or guidance only, you create the course once then you sit back and collect revenue for as long as the course is relevant. It would take a larger team and a lower profit margin to actually provide great support or assistance.

It’s very enticing just to put the knowledge out there, as it’s one of the highest profit margin business models in existence if you do it right. Especially for the bigger names that are out there that already have large audiences and brands, it’s just really not in their particular interest to provide really high levels of support and implementation assistance because it’s more costly and lower profit margin. In most cases, they just don’t do that.

The fourth thing that I discovered is a bit darker and it’s at the business of online business is really driven by large waves of people with very low odds of success being pulled into it by a small number of wildly successful online entrepreneurs.

You see these in forums all the time with post like you know, “How can I create $500 of passive income the fastest?” You know, it’s only because they can’t pay their rent or the bills that they have. Other posts you see are ones like, “I hate my job,” or “How can I replace my income through blogging?”

That pain or desire by folks is ripe for marketers to take advantage of and those waves of people run right into all of the courses, programs and gurus that make it look like creating wealth and financial freedom are just a few blog posts away.

Desperation leads folks in many cases, to the worst possible solutions. Partial courses or programs that only teach them part of the puzzle, if that, and then those that tee them up for selling the next part but never really helping them reach a successful outcome.

Stepping back and reviewing those four observations – that it’s possible for there to be many successful online entrepreneurs, that many people have the expertise, knowledge or talents to do so, that most of the programs and solutions out there don’t actually help and that most of the current market in this space is being taken advantage of.

A new opportunity emerged in my mind. The new opportunity has three core elements. Number one. There are large numbers of people out there like you with unique talents that if unleashed can both help the world and generate wealth at the same time.

Number two, unleashing those talents and building an expert business around them requires knowledge, skills, teams and technology that you probably don’t have. Number three. Helping you fill those gaps is a triple win scenario. Win, win, win. You build an expert business that sets you free, my business is successful by helping you build yours and together, we make the world a better place by focusing on truly helping our customers with their major business or life challenges.

Now, that is a huge opportunity for both you and I. Refining it a bit is the draft of my new mission statement which is, to help you build an expert business around your unique talents and abilities, a business you love to lead that makes you wealthy and creates a positive lasting impact on the world.

As experts, we help our customers solve their major business or life challenges and together, we help make the world a better place. You may be thinking to yourself, “Yeah, that sounds like another passive income pitch,” which you’ve heard a dozen times before.

Here’s the critical difference, my plan is to really turn this industry on its head by focusing 100% on the successful outcomes of my customers. Instead of thinking about the least that I can do to make the most money from you, I have a sign in my office that says, “What else can I do to guarantee my customer’s success?”

My mindset is shifted from, how can I make enough money to guaranty my own wealth and financial freedom, to if I help my customers reach that goal then my own success is predetermined. That simple question, “What else can I do to guarantee my customer’s success?” has absolutely huge implications.

Just teaching you part of what you need to know, like how to create a product or how to build a sales funnel, is not nearly enough to guarantee your success. To guarantee your success, the key is unleashing your expertise and removing every other single thing from your plate.

Other than improving and productizing that expertise. This solves the expert business builder’s greatest challenge: spending time that you don’t have on task that you shouldn’t be doing. For me, this means an entirely different business model instead of solutions.

Instead of just courses or information products which obviously are a lot easier to build, to guarantee your success, I need to build end to end solutions and support systems to help you. What do I mean by end to end solutions and support systems?

Well, think about a lot of the different things that you need for online business. Let’s say you’re going to build a website and you’re going to try and create a couple of different products that you’re going to sell to your customers, maybe implement a course or some kind of high end coaching program.

There’s obviously a lot of different moving parts to even a simple business like that. You need your website, you need email service provider, you need to figure out advertising, you need to figure out how to generate leads, how to service those leads, how to provide support for your programs and so on and so forth.

98% of all the tasks that you have to do have nothing to do with your actual expertise. You know, if you’re a trainer or a business coach or you help people with various parts of improving their life or health, or improving their business, those are your unique talents and expertise. All that other stuff around websites and support and so on and so forth, those don’t really have anything to do with your expertise but they’re necessary elements of an expert business.

Imagine if there was a set of programs and support solutions that actually helped you build all of that other stuff, a solution that takes you out of or away from having to learn WordPress, having to learn Facebook advertising or bots, or all the other different things that I mentioned.

If there was a way for you to just focus on productizing your knowledge and expertise, that would let you put the maximum amount of your time into those areas that you are the most qualified to work on.

Another key challenge that folks have when they’re trying to build an expert business is that they try and do way too many things at the same time. I’ve fallen into those traps myself thinking that I have to have every element of what I just talked about in place before I’m able to launch a product or start generating some revenue.

What I found over the last two years of doing that and spending a huge amount of money doing all of this research and setup and so on, is that I’ve basically did things almost completely backwards. I did tons of prep work and research and building and developing and all of these different activities, which cost a lot of time and money before I was ready to launch a product.

When in reality, you should do the inverse which is basically start with your sales funnels then build your products, then build all the other systems around this. Really, the key that I found to being able to help people in this space is to help them with the right order of things that they have to do and then again, taking everything off of their plate except for the things that they’re expert at or that they have unique talents in.

Why doesn’t a program like that exist out there in the world? Well, like I said, it’s really because it’s very difficult and a lower profit margin to do that kind of scenario. To provide direct one on one support, high touch, you know, everything that you need done for you. Those types of services are very expensive, they do exist but they really only exist today in the agency model and what that means is you’re spending 10, 15, $20,000 a month at a minimum, to have an agency do all of these things for you in a completely custom way.

Obviously, I do not want to create an agency type of business but what I’ve really been zooming in on is a business model that sits in between this course or large coaching type of scenario and the agency model that sits at the higher end. I think I’ve found a really unique position in the market that’s going to provide a huge amount of help to people.

And like I said, really unleash their expertise and help them build that expert business. I’m pretty excited about that. As I move in this new direction, you’ll see some pretty big changes around here, a new brand, new solutions, coverage of all the key elements required to build an expert business and a lot more. I’m fired up to get this new direction going and hope you build your own expert business.

In coming episodes, we’ll start talking about defining what an expert business is, the blueprint or roadmap that covers all the different steps that you need to build one, and then we’ll start deep diving into each of those topic areas. Stay tuned for the next episode where we’ll start diving into those topics.

If the idea of building an expert business around your unique talents or abilities has got your attention, and if those talents help people solve a major life or business challenge then I’d like to invite you to book a free 45-minute strategy session with me.

In this call, we’ll dive deep on your goals and what’s preventing you from achieving them. Determine your new direction or expert business to focus on and outline the specific recommendations for how to begin building your own expert business. To book your free strategy session, head over to strongstart.fm/call.

Thanks and we’ll see you on the next episode.


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