Is going to be life changing for you?

That is my goal in starting this new site and business! Hi, my name is David Ziembicki. I created to help you achieve career, financial, and lifestyle freedom as quickly as possible. The content and resources I am creating are for talented, motivated, achievers who feel they have more to offer the world than their current position in life allows. The secret to success in achieving financial and lifestyle freedom is to develop an expertise, build a platform, and grow a business or career. Those are the core pillars of the content, resources, and systems my team and I are building for you.

Expertise – your expertise is that knowledge which you have that others (employers or customers) will desire and compensate you to access. Without expertise in some topic, technology, or field, you don't have a basis upon which to maintain a long term career, build a business, and sell products or services.

Platform – your platform is the totality of your personal and business brand and all accompanying channels such as social media, professional networks, content, and publications. The breadth and strength of relationships within your platform are critical to long-term success.

Business – If you have a platform and expertise, you have the building blocks required for creating a successful business or growing your career.

All three are critical for success

Using your expertise, you can build products and services or advance in your career. With your platform, you can market your products and services. Then you can build a business to sell those products and generate the income you need for financial and lifestyle freedom. If you are more career oriented than entrepreneur oriented, your business is your career, and each pillar still applies.

These three pillars are interrelated. Having a platform amplifies any expertise or business that you develop. Cultivating an expertise results in skills that are in high demand and enables you to create content, solutions, or products that others can’t. A business or career lets you monetize the expertise you have cultivated. Whether you are a recent college graduate or a mid-career professional, focusing on these three areas can dramatically change your life.

How different would your life be if in the next year you got that big promotion? Had a book published? Or made an extra twenty thousand dollars a year either by earning a raise or doing freelance work on the side? Now imagine improving your platform, expertise, and business/career significantly each year for the next five… That can have a huge impact on your finances and lifestyle.

Avoid this critical mistake

Many online “gurus” will have you believe all of your goals can be met with a 5-minute blog installation, hacking together some ebooks or videos, sending some emails, and then watch the money roll in. Here at I am going to be 100% up front with you at all times. Online success is possible but requires a LOT of work.

I plan to be quite successful myself with this online business and one of the unique things about this site will be that you can ride along and learn with me as we build a new business from scratch. I expect this to be a multi-year effort, as I expect it will be for you if you choose that path.

World class content

My goal with is to provide you world class content with supporting resources and programs to help you achieve your goals faster. We will go deeper on critical topics than anywhere else, we will simplify technology with specific step-by-step guidance, we will skip the motivational fluff and go directly to actionable outcomes. If you want to earn more money, work from home, advance in your career, or start your own business, my goal is to be your go-to resource.


Two reasons: I am starting from scratch with a new business, platform, and brand while documenting everything so you can learn from my efforts. Second, I have the resources to try different approaches, fail fast, learn, and put out high quality free and paid content from the get go.

One difference between this site and others is that as much as I believe that freelance and online businesses are a huge opportunity for people to live the lives they want, I also feel that “traditional” career paths are also very relevant. I am near financial freedom myself at a relatively young age because of a very successful “traditional” career. A large portion of my content is relevant to both paths. One of the key strategies we’ll cover is earning more money from the job you currently and freelancing/coaching to finance building your expertise and business.

What do you think is holding you back?

Fortunately, we live in a time when nearly all barriers to entry for starting successful businesses have fallen. From freelancing online, selling ebooks and information products, to designing and contracting manufacturers to creating physical products for stocking an online store, there is a multitude of ways to earn significant income to either augment or replace your existing job.

Who does this guy think he is?

Why am I investing significant money and time in building this business, team, and content?

Because I have spent the last nearly twenty years as a top level consultant in the technology industry with several world class organizations such as Deloitte Consulting, Avanade, SAIC, and Microsoft. I have advised senior executives and teams at Fortune 500 companies and government agencies and delivered multi-million dollar, mission critical solutions.

Inside the organizations I have worked for I have trained thousands of people in technology, architecture, and implementation. My success (born of luck, hard work, family, and a small dash of intelligence) has enabled me to live an incredible life and be within a few years of total financial freedom at a relatively young age. For the second half of my career, I want to help others like you build the life you want!

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