StrongStart 5-step Productivity System – Mastering Habits

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Your total productivity is heavily influenced by the efficiency of all the habits that comprise your daily activity. Hitting the snooze button is a habit. Checking email or Facebook six times a day is a habit. Determining the most important task you have today and tackling it first thing is a habit. Habits can have … Read more

StrongStart 5-step Productivity System – Introduction

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Two hours per day. Seven hundred thirty hours per year. What kind of future would you build with that much time? Could you build a new business? Advance to the next level in your career? Invent something world changing? The mission of is to help you develop an expertise, build a platform, and grow … Read more

Why aren’t you more productive?

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How many times have you thought “I wish there were more hours in the day”? Since we seem stuck at twenty-four, the only answer is to make better use of the hours we have. My research team and I have been going deep on personal productivity, and we’ve found some fascinating resources and have put … Read more

Is going to be life changing for you?

That is my goal in starting this new site and business! Hi, my name is David Ziembicki. I created to help you achieve career, financial, and lifestyle freedom as quickly as possible. The content and resources I am creating are for talented, motivated, achievers who feel they have more to offer the world than … Read more