The mission of StrongStart.fm is to help you design, automate, and outsource the technology of your online business.

My name is David Ziembicki and my goal is to provide you world class content and supporting resources. My content is for talented, motivated achievers who want to break free from the corporate world and grow an online business.

StrongStart.fm is all about scaling you! Learn how to get more done every day, how to leverage automation in all areas of online business, and how to clone yourself using virtual staff.

You can get started right now with my free eBook on personal productivity which will help you find two hours a day to start building your future:

At StrongStart.fm we go deeper on critical topics than anywhere else. We simplify technology with specific step-by-step guidance. We skip the motivational fluff and go directly to actionable outcomes.

Fortunately, we live in a time when nearly all barriers to entry for starting successful businesses have fallen. From freelancing online, selling ebooks and information products, to physical products for stocking an online store, there are a multitude of ways to earn significant income to augment or replace your existing job.

StrongStart.fm will help you in three critical areas:

Expertise - Your expertise is the knowledge you have that others (employers or customers) will pay for. Without expertise in some topic, technology, or field, you have no basis upon which to demand a high salary in your career or to build valuable products and services.

Platform - Your platform is the totality of your personal and business brand and all accompanying channels such as social media, professional networks, content, and publications. The breadth and strength of relationships within your platform are critical to long-term success.

Business - If you have a platform and expertise, you have the building blocks required for a successful business. Using your expertise you will build products and through your platform, you will sell those products and generate the income you need for financial and lifestyle freedom.
FamilyFor quick a introduction, I live in the Pacific Northwest with my wonderful wife and son. I’ve been lucky enough to have had a very successful career in technology consulting and training. I’m at the mid-point of my career and hope to start giving back by helping you achieve career, financial, and lifestyle freedom as quickly as possible.

I am investing significant time and money in building StrongStart.fm, including the platform, team, and content which I hope you will find valuable and actionable.

Why am I investing significant money and time in building this content? Because I have spent the last nearly twenty years as a top level consultant in the technology industry with several world class organizations such as Deloitte Consulting, Avanade, SAIC, and Microsoft. I have advised senior executives and teams at Fortune 500 companies and government agencies and delivered multi-million dollar, mission critical solutions.

Inside the organizations I have worked for, I have trained thousands of people in technology, architecture, and implementation. My success (born of luck, hard work, family, and a small dash of intelligence) has enabled me to live an incredible life and be within a few years of total financial freedom at a relatively young age (currently 42). For the second half of my career, I want to help others like you build the future you want.

When not working at my demanding full-time job with Microsoft, spending time with my incredible wife and new son, or building this new online business, I have a couple of other activities I am passionate about:

  • Volunteer Firefighting and EMS: About a year and a half ago I started volunteering with my local fire department that serves a large rural area. Recently I completed training and certification to be an emergency medical technician (EMT).
  • My wife and I enjoy traveling and the outdoors having had some amazing trips including Ireland (where we got married), Cambodia, New Zealand, Italy, Canada, and many more planned.
  • I am also really into woodworking, I have a pretty well-appointed woodshop in my garage and enjoy making furniture and other odds and ends.
  • Being a technology geek I have many interests in that realm, I’m heavy into photography, video, home theater, etc. Anything that requires a lot of gear seems to draw my attention!

I have cultivated several areas of expertise, am building a platform, and I am inviting you to join me and learn as I create an online business.