StrongStart 5-step Productivity System – Introduction

Two hours per day. Seven hundred thirty hours per year. What kind of future would you build with that much time?

Could you build a new business? Advance to the next level in your career? Invent something world changing? The mission of is to help you develop an expertise, build a platform, and grow a business. My five-step system will help you find those two hours per day.

In this post, I’m going quickly introduce you to a five-step system that will change your life. It requires work, discipline, and commitment but the return on investment from adopting these techniques is enormous. 

This series is a strategic approach toward personal productivity and finding the methods that will work for YOU. There is no one size fits all solution, but I have put together a strategy to help you find the combination of techniques and systems that will massively improve your productivity.

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It draws from some of the most successful and widely used techniques, books, and programs but is delivered in a short series of posts with specific action plans.

There are five key areas to this system:

  1. Mastering Habits
  2. Your Morning Routine
  3. Your “One Thing”
  4. Becoming a Productivity Machine
  5. Your Evening Routine


Mastering Habits

Your total productivity is proportional to the efficiency of all the habits that comprise your daily activity. Hitting the snooze button is a habit. Checking email or Facebook six times a day is a habit. Determining the most important task you have today and tackling it first thing is a habit. Habits can have a positive impact, or they can be a major roadblock. Fortunately, habits can be purposefully designed and managed.

Your Morning Routine

Your morning routine sets the stage for your day and is a large determining factor in how productive your day will be. Do you roll out of bed at 8:30, grab an unhealthy bite to each while you check email and facebook, get to work and spend the first 30 minutes figuring out what you need to do today? Or do you get up at 5 am, exercise for 60 mins while listening to a podcast or online course, eat a healthy breakfast, and start immediately on the critical tasks for the day that you wrote down the night before? Which type of morning routines do you think the successful people do?

Your “One Thing”

In the book The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results, by Gary Keller, the author highlights the importance of identifying your most important goals and purpose then focusing on the most important tasks toward achieving them and pushing aside any other tasks or diversions. This is one of the most important habits you can design for yourself: a structured approach to determining your goals and the most important steps toward achieving them.

Becoming a Productivity Machine

This is the area where most productivity books start (sadly missing out on all the opportunities we’ll uncover in the first three steps). This is also the area where there is the widest range of advice and systems and where all of us tend to vary the most regarding what works for our personality types and lifestyle. The reason this step is important though is that it covers how efficient we are through the bulk of the day, essentially the 12 – 16 hours between your morning routine and your evening routine.

Your Evening Routine

The final key area for personal productivity is your evening routine. Most of us have a wide range of things we need to do after work before we maybe get some free time before going to sleep. Cooking dinner, taking kids to activities, spending time with friends, are all important. I don’t consider that part of your evening routine; those are activities between your work day and the start of your evening routine. For your evening routine, I define it as the time between when all those activities end and when you go to sleep. This could be as little as five minutes (I hope not!) or as much as an hour or two. As you will learn in the steps preceding this, that time is critical to both locking in the gains you’ve made during the day and preparing for the next morning to hit the ground running. A solid evening routine will also help in delivering a great night’s sleep that is not to be underestimated.


This post is a quick outline of the five-part system that I will detail in this series. If you commit to the techniques we will cover you will be well on your way to building a better future. While this series will focus on five highly strategic areas, there are also many tactical improvements all of us can make to improve our productivity.

Action Plan

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