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Do you have a minimum viable platform?

David Ziembicki

David Ziembicki // Founder,

If you want to break free from the corporate world as a freelancer or online entrepreneur, you must have a minimum viable platform!

Your platform is the set of channels and tools used to present your brand and your ideas to the world. It is the audience paying attention to you.

In the book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, Michael Hyatt defines a platform as “the means by which you connect with your existing and potential fans.”

Your platform is your total reach across all of your social media networks, professional networks, content, publications, and speaking. You may be saying to yourself “I have none of that other than Facebook :(” That’s ok, we’ll fix that!

A platform is built over time. In today’s world, it is a massive differentiator between average and great outcomes. 58% of all people use one or more social networks according to StatisticBrain.

In product development and marketing today, it is usually better to launch a minimum viable product than to wait and try to create a perfect product.

By launching, you start learning. The faster you learn and improve based on real customer feedback the better.

Don’t wait until you have every social network figured out. Don’t wait until you feel like you have a year’s worth of good content.

A minimum viable platform has four core components and seven elements.

Click below to download our free guide to building your minimum viable platform. As a bonus, you will also receive a free set of seven checklists for each element of your platform.


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